The Food Label


2020年2月27日 - 3月1日
14:00-00:00 (2月27日-28日)
12:00-00:00 (2月29日)
12:00-23:00 (3月1日)
東京都渋谷区富ヶ谷1-7-9 1F
Gender stereotypes are things we label gender with certain images. For example, women have to do house chores, or men who cry are weak, or gay people are funny and not to be taken seriously. Often times, those stereotypes of images led to labeling words or insults that are being commonly used in society. This work focuses on gender labeling problems in Thailand, which is known to be opened about gender orientation. However, the labeling problems towards all gender still underlies in Thailand’s society. In this project, I chose to use food as a metaphor for gender labeling to state the obvious of labeling absurdity as food preference is always an individual preference which was never being judged.

“Food Label” Is an installation consisting of a comic book as the main part, handwritten experiences, and animations. The comic book, created by risograph technique, tells the stories of 4 people who are being labeled from society because their food preferences are different from the others. The metaphors are based on gender insulting words that are commonly used in Thai society.